Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes your Battery Charger Better?

Save A Battery is better because it's small, powerful and stronger than most small transportable charging units. Secondly, it maintains and rejuvenates a battery, the longer it's connected, the better the battery gets, it's that simple. It has a Load Tester built-in that can be used to test the battery and cycle a weak battery back to health. Thirdly, it has a built-in diagnostic voltmeter so that tests on all 12 volt electrical components can be performed.

Why are your cables different?

Since there are so many different ways a battery charger can be used, we designed versatility into our units. Our Modular Cables System allows for cables with multiple functions to be used through the same port. The gold contacts improve reliability and work better in harsh environments. We offer seven different types of battery connections. Alligator Clip-on, Cigarette Lighter, Battery 5 amp LUG,

Extension DC and AC and Voltproble. The bright yellow cable color is to aid in seeing the cable on the ground to avoid accidental unplugs. Our unique cable end mounting loops make it easy to tie down the cables perfectly in place, with no dangling.

How do you mount your chargers?

They can be mounted on the wall, placed on the ground or mounted in the vehicle and cables. The unique mounting bracket is easy to install and allows the charger to be removed and used remotely.

How does the Maintainer work?

Our microprocessor controlled circuitry is smart, it knows what to do and adjusts the charger to do the right thing. When the charger is plugged in it immediately goes out and looks at the battery. If it finds a problem the charger will let you know. It won't turn on, it won't short circuit, it won't hurt the battery. It will simply light up the fault light on the front of the charger. When it sees a potentially good battery it will then go into charge mode and as the battery is charged, it switches modes until it finally goes into maintenance mode. Here it will stay, checking, monitoring, rejuvenating and waiting until it is disconnected. The longer the charger is on, the longer the battery will live. Its that simple.

Can I really save my battery?

If the battery has not been left in a discharged state for long periods of time, the answer is yes. This is what makes us different from the competition... after the battery is connected to a charger the sulfinated plates can actually confuse a regular charger into believing the battery is charged when it really is not. When you try and use the battery it simply doesn't have the strength to work properly.

Our approach to bringing a battery back to life is by using our unique Load Test circuit and actually cycling the battery between the fully charged state and a completely safe but discharged state. The process is simple, charge the battery, then turn on the load test and low voltage alarm switches. The load tester will slowly drain the voltage down until the alarm sounds and you simply flip the load switch off and it will charge the battery back up to full. Repeating this process is called "Deep Cycling" and it will get your battery back to health. Most good batteries of average size will last days before the alarm sounds, but a weak battery will sound in minutes or hours. The cycling between the two states of charged and safe discharged with the pulse circuitry built into our charger will rejuvenate most batteries after 5 or 6 cycles.

Can I use the charger without plugging it into the wall?

An impressive and unique feature of the All-In-One and Tester models is the ability to monitor any battery for low voltage without actually having to plug it in to the AC outlet. By simply connecting the unit to a battery, the low voltage alarm that is built-in will sound an alarm when the battery needs to be recharged. Connecting these units will never result in damage to the battery because the alarm will notify you of the low voltage condition well in advance of possible disaster occurring.

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