All-In-One Battery Charger

The "All-In-One" Battery Tool

2 Volt 50 Watt Battery Charger, Maintainer, Tester w/ Auto Pulse

The Save A Battery™ All-In-One "1702" charger, maintainer, tester has a built-in LCD display that shows how sulfated a battery is, and how much life is left. It features our state of the art micro-processor and has a load tester to dispel surface voltage giving a more accurate reading. The LCD display can be turned off for long term storage and the low voltage alarm, when on, will alert you if anything goes wrong while the battery is being maintained.

Charges, Maintains, Rejuvenates, Conditions, Tests, and Monitors all 12 Volt batteries. Advanced Auto-Pulse technology extends battery life!

Our exclusive modular cable design provides extended runs to any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, ATV or boat. Choose between our battery terminal LUG cable with a built-on 5 AMP fuse, the incredibly easy cigarette lighter/ auxiliary power port cable, and the standard alligator clip on cables. The bright yellow cable eliminates accidental disconnects A.K.A. tripping over them in the dark. Our unique mounting design allows for easy attachment either on the vehicle or to a wall.

Why Save A Battery is the best battery charger on the market:

  • Extends battery life
  • Restores weak batteries
  • Test for battery quality
  • Prevents premature replacement
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Monitors battery condition
  • Fast 2x battery charger
  • Easy to connect cables
  • Improves battery with use
  • Versatile modular cable system
  • Mounts to wall or vehicle
  • Long cables with gold connectors
  • Works with all size and types and batteries
  • Test alternators and electrical systems
  • Audible alarm protects battery
  • No sparks polarity protection

The Save A Battery™ Charger line was designed because we all have experienced the problems of our vehicles failing to start when not regularly used. There was no simple way to tell if the battery was good, bad or even if the charging system was working correctly. Not knowing always led to unnecessary battery purchases and a lot of wasted time and money. Other products on the market that were supposed to be the best, weren't, and as such this frustration gave way to innovation and the Save A Battery™ line was born.

Upcoming Events

Battery Saver Australia will be attending a number of car shows later in the year.

So look out for us at an event near you for great deals on the best battery chargers and accessories on the market.

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