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BATTERYSAVER.COM.AU is pleased to announce that it is now the distributor for the range of battery chargers made by the world's leading manufacturer of these products, Granite Digital in Union City California. Granite Digital was founded by avid car collector, Frank Gabrielli , who majored in Electronics at College in the USA. Whilst he built the business around his computer peripheral products, he liked to take one of his classic cars out for a drive on the weekends but was frustrated when sometimes his chosen vehicle would not start. He looked at the battery chargers currently on the market, but they all fell short of one or more of the features that he believed that a battery charger should have.

So Mr. Gabrielli decided to dive in the deep end and invent a range of battery chargers that would appeal particularly to the automotive enthusiast who had a small (or large) collection of vehicles. The upper range of chargers all have a digital readout of the battery's voltage, much better than a couple of "idiot" lights as used by other manufacturers. You can hook one of these chargers to the battery and it will instantly tell you the voltage potential of the battery. Chargers are available for 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt systems, so every combination is covered.

From the beginning, the whole series of chargers was designed to be modular. All of the cables (except the Australian AC power cords) are a bright yellow so that they are easily seen. If any cable is damaged beyond repair, it can be quickly and inexpensively replaced by simply pulling out the old lead and plugging in the new. As well as this, the ends of the DC cables are all GOLD PLATED to minimise, if not eliminate, any chance of corrosion. Any corrosion in this area will act as a resistor, which will reduce current flow as well as create a heat source. This cannot happen with the BATTERYSAVER chargers.

Several types of DC cables are offered. You can choose from a cable that will plug into the cigarette lighter socket in some older cars where this terminal is always "hot", or have one with alligator clips for direct attachment to the battery, or one with lug ends so that the cable can be permanently mounted to the battery cables. These cables all come with the battery charger when ordered as a kit.

As well, there are "SMART CABLES", that have the same three attachment ends as the above cables, but have a special end where they plug into the charger. This end has two LEDs, a green and a red. Once connected to the battery and the "smart" end sticking out from the bonnet, etc., you only have to glance at it to check the state of charge. If only the green LED is showing, the battery has enough power to start the car. If the red AND green LEDs are showing, it means that the battery MIGHT start the car, but it definitely needs a charge.

Finally, ALL of the BATTERYSAVER chargers have been designed to PROTECT your battery. Once the battery has been brought up to full charge, the charger will resort to a MAINTENANCE or "trickle" mode and it can be left permanently attached without harming the battery.

For full details, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone John on 0413-103-786. Dealer enquiries welcome.

Upcoming Events

Battery Saver Australia will be attending a number of car shows later in the year.

So look out for us at an event near you for great deals on the best battery chargers and accessories on the market.

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